Ankara at a glance

Ankara at a Glance

Ankara with its universities, technology development zones, industrial zones, sector clusters, non governmental organizations, and high quality of life is not only administrative but also social, cultural and innovation capital of Turkey.

Ankara Profile


The city of Ankara lies at an elevated altitude of 600-850m, on the eastern edge of the Anatolian Plateau and has a continental, suitable climate.


The city well connected to ALL other parts of the country by highways, (new) high speed trains and the modern international and domestic airport.


Ankara's population in 2019 is almost 5.65 million, and has high annual growth rates; over 50% of the residents in Turkey can reach Ankara in less than 4 hours ground travel.

Spending Power

High level of education and income; most residents of the city are working for the administration or in 6-7 target industries (e.g. ICT, defense, medical, work and construction machinery, health tourism, education, and furniture).

Young Population

Large number of universities and hence students.

Importance in/of Tourism

Approximately 2.9 million overnights in the province (2016), with 77% domestic.


Museums, theatres, cinemas, malls, parks.

Historic Heritage

Ankara has been a city since the Bronze Age, it has always been and remains a cross-road of civilizations and it was declared the capital of the new Republic of Turkey on October 13, 1923.

Second largest economy
At the heart of Turkey
Ankara: Center of civilizations in Anatolia
Gaining popularity as a tourist and attraction destination


Investment Support Office is one of the units of Ankara Development Agency under coordination of Ministry of Industry and Technology



Aşağı Öveçler Mahallesi
1322. Cadde No: 11  
Çankaya/Ankara TURKEY
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