Strong Clusters of Defense and Aerospace, ICT, Medical Technology, Construction Machinery
Easy access to Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Central Asia and Russia Central Asia
55.47% high-tech and medium high-tech share in the export of manufacturing sector
The New Incentive System is comprised of 4 categories.
21st Century Investment Destination in Turkey
Well-established transportation routes and direct delivery mechanisms to most of the EU countries
12 OIZs, of which 9 are currently functioning, reside in Ankara
50% of the population is under 32
Heart of Anatolia with railway, highway and airway connections connections
Dynamic economy and rising foreign direct investment
TechAnkara creates future technologies and creates new types of synergies
Ankara has an excellent business and investment position in the heart of Turkey


Investment Support Office is one of the units of Ankara Development Agency under coordination of Ministry of Industry and Technology



Aşağı Öveçler Mahallesi
1322. Cadde No: 11  
Çankaya/Ankara TURKEY
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Phone: +90 312 310 03 00    
Fax: +90 312 309 34 07


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