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Services of Investment Support Office are local and mainly in Ankara. As we are a 100% governmental body, all of our services are public services and are free of charge. General framework of services of Investment Support Office is regulated by law 5449.

Information Services

We provide statistical data, local information, consultancy and guidance in Ankara. We closely keep track of the business and investment climate as well as the socio-economical environment in Ankara. We provide information on governmental incentives, local technical and financial support services such as calls for project proposals by governmental organizations. On occasion we can provide sectoral reports and analyses for investors.

Bureaucratic Assistance

Investment Support Office is authorized by law that it can conduct bureaucratic operations such as applications to governmental offices, licensing, registrations and other formal clerical works on your behalf in Ankara working as a local consultant. Investors may prefer to perform all operations by themselves directly without any means. In this case they may also apply to Investment Support Office to have the status of their applications checked.

Promotional Services

Investment Support Office is responsible for introduction and presentation of Ankara and its economic environment to business people, possible investors, media from both governmental authorities and private companies.

Investment Incentive Certificate

Investment Support Office works in coordination with the Ministry of Industry and Technology to help investors get Investment Incentive Certificate for investments.

Our motivation is to create opportunities for the rise of new businesses and relationships between Ankara and possible investors. We strongly believe that these opportunities would be remarkable for initiating cooperations, partnerships, projects, joint venture businesses, reseller/distributor operations and many other opportunities for both sides. These interactions would also help to cherish cultural and social sharings.



Investment Support Office is one of the units of Ankara Development Agency under coordination of Ministry of Industry and Technology



Aşağı Öveçler Mahallesi
1322. Cadde No: 11  
Çankaya/Ankara TURKEY
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Phone: +90 312 310 03 00    
Fax: +90 312 309 34 07


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