Our vision is to transform Ankara into the technology & science center of Turkey & Eurasia

Ankara Development Agency

Ankara Development Agency (ADA) was established under the coordination of Ministry of Industry and Technology as nonprofit government organizations. ADA has a dynamic structure with fast and flexible decision making. ADA also gathers and collaborates with public and private sector, nongovernmental organizations of the region, local and national administrations.

Its vision is to transform Ankara into the technology and science center of Turkey and Eurasia in 21st century and the mission is to be a center providing supports for production and implementation of projects and original development strategies by adapting innovative and sustainable development models evolved in the world to Ankara. 
Main activities of ADA:

  • Improving collaboration between the public and private sectors, local administrations, universities and civil society organizations;
  • Ensuring the proper and efficient use of resources;
  • Acceleration of regional development in line with principles and policies provided under national development plans and programs by mobilizing local potentials;
  • Ensures sustainability for all dimensions of development;
  • Mitigates inter/intra-regional disparities in terms of development.

Supports that can be provided by Ankara Development Agency according to the regulations are in two formats; financial supports and technical supports. Financial supports are listed in three groups as Credit Interest Support, Interest Free Credit Support and Direct Financial Support. Direct Financial Supports are implemented in three types; Call for Proposals, Guided Project Support and Direct Activity Support. Agency may choose to implement “Restricted Call for Proposals” method for financial support in necessary cases.

Rules and conditions for each support type are different. These rules are presented in Program Application Guides that are specifically prepared for each support program. 

Investment Support Office

Investment Support Office (ISO) is one of the units of Ankara Development Agency, which is a local autonomous governmental body in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. ISO is the first point of contact for business related need in Ankara. Office also provides local guidance and information as well as facilitation at every stage of your investment. Thus, ISO is equipped with high technical capacity and act as supporters of local actors, coordinator and catalyzer in the region. ISO aims to accelerate regional development by improving the collaboration among public sector, private sector and non-governmental organizations.

Investment Support Office provides local information, consultancy and bureaucratic assistance to both local and foreign investors and business people. We help them to grow businesses and business relations in Ankara. In addition to our consultancy services, we are also responsible for introduction and presentation of Ankara and its economic environment to business people, possible investors, and media from both governmental authorities and private companies. These activities help us generate business and project partnerships between local and foreign companies.

We work closely with many local establishments such as Governorship of Ankara, Ankara Chamber Of Commerce, Ankara Chamber of Industry, universities, governmental organizations (GO's), non-governmental organizations (NGO's), industrial clusters, organized industrial zones (OIZ's), technoparks (science parks), international organizations and many other stakeholders. We also work in close coordination with national organizations and with all other 25 development agencies and their investment support offices. Therefore Investment Support Office has a very large and powerful network.

ISO consists of a unit coordinator and four experts who provide information services, bureaucratic assistance, and promotional services. Team members are experienced in investment support and consultancy, public incentives, entrepreneurship, innovation, research and development, employment, growth, and regional development. Therefore, they pursue two main objectives:

  • To foster Turkey 2023 vision plan, notably in these field of investment, entrepreneurship, innovation, research and development, employment, growth, and regional development;
  • Regarding the first objective, to generate an appropriate economic, social and cultural return for our stakeholders.




Investment Support Office is one of the units of Ankara Development Agency under coordination of Ministry of Industry and Technology



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