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At the heart of Turkey

Ankara is located in the northwest of Central Anatolia, “at the heart of Turkey” between the branches of Kızılırmak and Sakarya rivers, at an altitude of 850 meters (2800 ft). The city lies in the eastern edge of the Anatolian Plateau. It is bordered by the provinces of Eskişehir to the west, Çankırı and Bolu to the north, Kırıkkale and Kırşehir to the east, Konya and Aksaray to the south. Ankara is the third biggest city in terms of total acreage. Average temperatures range from 25 °C in the summer months to 5 °C in the winter months.

A population of 5.1 million people, of which 50% are under 30 years old, are living in Ankara. 88% of the population lives in the city center. Compared to its total population, Ankara has the highest number of higher education graduates. Around 15% of the total regional population has bachelor’s or post-graduate degrees. Turkey’s top higher education providers are located in Ankara, which makes Ankara the second province with highest number of higher education providers. There are more than 240,000 students and 18,000 academics in the universities in Ankara. Ankara also has the highest share, 34.3%, in contribution to scientific publications in the country.



Investment Support Office is one of the units of Ankara Development Agency under coordination of Ministry of Industry and Technology



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Çankaya/Ankara TURKEY
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